Chronicle of my lost possession

I have this habit of wanting to do stuff which is unusual for a person in my position. I am professionally an electronics and communications engineer, pursuing my master degree in telecommunications from University of Oklahoma. How does it sound? Geeky! But I have very non-geeky interests; sketching, traveling, writing, talking, public speaking, reading, dancing, exploring new places/activities, trying out new cuisines, shopping, and some more shopping. All in all I think I am a fun loving person. Not quite easily found in such a profession.
So like my many other not-so-nerdy interests, I developed another unusual one. It was to learn how to play a guitar. The urge was very strong this time. I tried looking for instructors, but by the time I made arrangements, it was time for me to leave my country. And then I landed in the US with an unfulfilled dream. But it kept poking me in the back of my head all this while.

Soon after I moved to Tulsa, I happened to meet John, a friend of my friends. And bingo! Our tastes in music matched exactly; songs, artists, lyrics etc. And to top that, he was an amazing guitarist. I appreciate talent, so was instantly impressed. I would always see him at Anand’s house, where he would either be talking about music, or playing his guitar. I enjoy live music to the core. So that used to be a great entertainment for me while having dinner. But that string strumming revoked my long hibernating wish of learning how to play guitar. The day I decided to ask John help me learn, I got to know that John was leaving. Lost one more chance. Disappointment!

The good thing that happened this time was that he agreed to leave his guitar with me and send me tutorials online. I was overjoyed! This was my first realistic step towards the guitar lessons. Very first! I took that guitar home and emptied a corner specially to seat it. Every morning my first sight used to be ‘my first guitar’ and the first thought used to arranging guitar lessons for myself. The excitement was like that of a girlfriend’s when she counts days to be able to meet her beloved. My tickets to India were booked and I had already arranged an instructor for myself. I was extremely thrilled.

I bought a guitar in India and my training begun. I loved everything about it. The instructor made it very interesting, and he made sure that I practice and learn regularly amidst my tight vacation schedule. But sooner than I realized, it was time for me to go back. But fortunately, my instructor had made me good with the basics. He also helped me online if I had problems. And my days, post India trip, were musical! Before going to school I used to play at least one song. And if I had time, I used to play more in the evenings.

It’s a great feeling to have had accomplished something that you always wanted to. I loved the sight of it, the thought of it… Finally I was playing it, was doing what I wanted to do from a very long time. It couldn’t have gotten better. It was just perfect!

But as we hear all the time, perfect it volatile. The end was approaching and I just couldn’t see it. Anand was hosting a friend from India, who also happens to be a good guitarist. He borrowed ‘my first guitar’ to play in leisure. Most generously, I agreed and he came to get it from my house. Heavy heartedly I handed it over to him, reassuring myself that I will get it back soon. The moment the case exchanged hands, I realized how much attached I was to that awesome sounding piece of hollow wood. It felt like sending my child away on a camp may be.

But of course, the practical side of mind made me believe that my baby will come back soon. Most of my summer was extremely busy, but there were many times when I felt the distance between me and my greatly loved possession of the moment. And when it was time for it to come back home, I saw it going away. In front of my eyes. How and where it went is a story in itself. But this literally blew my mind off. I was infuriated! In fact, that’s an understatement. I experienced a mixed rush of emotions, rage, distress, discomfort, and loneliness. I lived the whole day with this compound feeling profound heart.

But the end of the day, all I can remember is that… I lost my guitar!

5 thoughts on “Chronicle of my lost possession

  1. No girl, I am not depending on anyone for that now. The problem is I have to move to a different city in December this year with all my bags and baggage. So don’t want to buy it now and then carry it and pay air fares for mah baby guitar. Let me settle down for a while, and the day I know I am going to stay in that city for more than 6 months, I will buy one 🙂 So just waiting…

  2. Awww…yeah I read it all…infact I too wud love to hear tat Hidden story…babes…before u forget to play the basics also, y dnt u get one Acoustic for urself…dnt depend on others for this…hmm!

  3. no no anand didn’t take it, it’s some one else… a long story. i ll tell you on gtalk sometime 😛 don’t want to be a b!@#$ writing it down here…

  4. hey di!!!! u did mention abt that first guitar of urs well it has been a heartiest wish of mine to learn dance as u wished to play that guitar…… well mine’s still nt fullfilled guess i’ll make to a dance class one day……hmmm anyways u lost ur guitar bt tel me na how did all happen I mean ur frnd anand took that frm u nd by the time u were heading back home ur guitar was gone…….. HOW??? elaborate on this one plzzzz will u……. 🙂

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