In the bud

Day 1: August 23rd, 08

Finally, I reached Illinois safe, sound and in one piece (though I broke wheels and zippers of my suitcases, yeah 4 of them blah!). Don’t even ask me about packing. I had to pack my entire house in three freaking suitcases and that took me like… forever! Couldn’t even sleep Friday night for the same reason. I had to donate half of the stuff, half of the rest was trashed, and half of the left was distributed or just left in the house. So technically I have only quarter of what I owned. I don’t mind getting rid of clutter, but what sucked was to throw away some of my precious (had memories attached or were gifted, that is) possessions. Poor me!! But somehow, I managed to leave for the airport with my puffy sleep deprived eyes, wet hair and super stuffed suitcases. To my surprise, guess whom I met at the airport? Dang! That’s Dr. Verma and his wife. I love them. I got so excited, though it didn’t show in my behavior cz I was having a hard time keeping myself together. But it was a great start. What better can you ask for than good wishes right before a new start (especially when you know no one in the new place)?

So I paid a good amount of money to get all three bags checked in, and finally boarded the plane. It was the first time I was flying with Northwest. Don’t ask me if it was good or bad, somehow I find all the major players same, more or less. But yes, I reached Illinois and checked in to the hotel. Luckily, I met another intern at the airport. After loading our luggage in our respective rooms, we decided to go out and look for a place to eat at. I was literally starving! I wanted foooooooooood. I controlled my mood swing and tried to put up a smile and we both exited the hotel. And dang!! Right outside is the mall. Haha! So you cross the road and there is the mall. We headed straight to the mall, and got a big box of Chinese food packed (so that it lasts for two meals). My company was nice. I like her name, Marquita! Reminds me of margarita… finally I was hanging out with a girl.

Day 2: August 24th, 08

Felt like I had a jetlag!! Yeah moving from Oklahoma to Illinois, same time zone! It actually was just a messed up sleeping schedule. I was very excited, and was looking forward to the first day of work. Took a long shower, made sure I looked fresh and ready for the orientation day at work. And yes, I did.

Day 3: August 25th, 08

OMG! I was actually at Caterpillar Inc. All dressed up in formal attire. A day long orientation about n number of topics; ranging from safety, company policy, expectations, to sexual harassment. I liked the last topic the most for the reason that the orator was amazing. Honestly, they didn’t have to spend an hour and a half for that subject. But I loved the way the presenter spoke. He had that spark, that energy in his voice and expressions. I would love to be able to talk like him.

All in all it was fun. I loved the day and came home satisfied and liking my organization.

Day 4: August 26th, 08

Wow! It’s surprising how god knows exactly what I don’t like, and put me in the same situation again and again. Yeah right! I got my job description. And guess what!!! I will be working with CAT-Electronics, R&D Tech Center and I am supposed to develop a code for a dozer. It might be a dream job for any electrical engineer. And yes it does sound very impressive and interesting. Interesting, yes it is. But you know what, I don’t enjoy software (at least that’s a very polite way of saying it). And surprisingly, I always end up in a software development team. Phew! The memories of struggling with my research project are very fresh in my mind. Yes, they still haunt me. But of course not any longer. Cz I got one more nightmare to live. Boohoo!!

So of course, I will give it yet another shot. Hope I start disliking it a little less. My team is nice, and they are willing to help all the time. I would hate to disappoint them. so let’s see how far I go with this.

And the story begins…

4 thoughts on “In the bud

  1. hey Di!!!! Sure will try nd be online at nite coz then only i can catch up with u(regarding the great time barriers btw our places)……. then we can really have a long chat……..

  2. Girl! definitely you have started from the 100th page 😛 we need to catch up on a lot of stuff! meet me online and i ll feed you with updates 🙂For now, Dr.Verma is my advisor in school and a very sweet person. I really like him and I have learned a lot from him. Regarding moving, I used to attend school in Oklahoma. I am now interning in Illinois 🙂

  3. di!!!!!while i was going through what u’v written( ur day wise entries)i wondered that though actually we have talked quite a lot bt u knw i never asked u were u stayed in US nd what exactly u were doing(apart frm this that u were doing ur masters)… how did u get there nd all yaar basically all the regular stuffseems like we have been really doing lot of praising these days yeah;)…The nut shell being that while i was going through the things that u’v written i felt great i mean i actually felt that i’m reading a book bt the only thing that was missing was it made me feel like that i started the book frm the some 100th page rather that the first one……… so do fill in the details fr me plz…….. coz i’m dying out of curiosity specially abt Dr verma nd his wife…. nd ur sudden shifting nd all 🙂

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