Morning blues!

Getting so early to work is a big deal for me

7 in the morning! Ah! It’s an ordeal for me

An everyday challenge, I don’t know how I manage

Every morning I forcefully open my eyes

And drag myself out of the bed

I splash water on the still-so-sleepy eyes

Only to turn them in to burning red

Every day I wonder why that happens

But not finding the answer, I just move on

Breakfast and dressing up!

Putting on the work clothes and make up on

I enjoy dressing up for work

Formals and heels

But I hate to sacrifice

That extra half an hour of morning sleep

For me, it’s nothing less than bliss

Rushing through the cup of morning coffee

I wonder what the day beholds

Planning, planning and some more

I wonder why I have to follow the clock

Why can’t I just go when I want to?

Oh yeah!

Cz if I get to do that, I will never go…

5 thoughts on “Morning blues!

  1. SBbbbb……I get up @ 9 and go to wrk by 10!!!O but i 4got! i live in India… as Kapil wud say! For a sec i wonder how life wud b if i had to do wat u do… … … nah.. cant do!

  2. ohh … i know wat u r talking abt … 🙂 for a while … i used to get up as per my convenience … used to end up reaching office at 11 … but then tht was fine .. i was working for a european client … 11-8 was fine with them also … gud ol days … miss them man 😦

  3. Sorry for this horrible post! hehe but i want you all to know what I go through each morning… I am sure a lot of you guys would be able to correlate to this pain 😛

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