Back page of my journal

In anyone’s notebook, the back page is the most personal of all the pages. It’s quite unethical to dig into some one’s personal belongings (the last page of journals in this case), but I am blessed with this habit. I wouldn’t want to leave any chance of getting to know the person better, for good or for bad. So sometimes I secretly used to peep into those last few pages in the notebooks of my pals. And of course this was before we all went paperless.

To your surprise, you can get to know a lot about the owner of that notebook. I found a lot of stuff there… Some were scribblers, some organizers, mathematicians, self-obsessed, and some sketchers. Other things I found there were phone numbers, random thoughts, budgeting, famous quotes, and even personal thoughts. These are like key words to the owner’s personality.

If we talk about my journal’s back page, I would say I have been through phases. I started with being an autograph taker (of course the signatures were mine). Tried different styles and ways to sign. I have been a scribbler too. I used to write the darnest stuff ever! Comments on people walking by, how I love being with some one, or how I hate the chemistry class. You could find it all on that page. And yeah how can we forget the tic-tac-toe and F.L.A.M.E.S!!

Even now, I like to write comments about people, funny, weird, sometimes really mean too… in classrooms, at airports, cafeteria, malls, could be just anywhere. I also wrote interesting stuff sometimes, like a quote that I read on billboard while traveling on a bus, or what I felt like when I was on the way to an interview, or when I was just sitting by the window watching the rain pour…

I always prayed that no one reads them, but could never quit the habit.

My favorite was professor cartoons. Hehe! And yeah, I wrote articles too! Yes I confess! I have written articles and blogs while in class that somehow turned out to be the most interesting ones.

And guess what… the blog you just read was written on the back page of my logbook, while sitting in the lab. Ah! Now you know what I am talking about!

2 thoughts on “Back page of my journal

  1. Corrected right to write! thanks for noticing…Embarrassing! well not really, I ve been a little private about my possessions. But I don’t know if my teachers read something while they took my notebooks for correction, or may be my friends when they took them to copy stuff from. No one really came to tell me anything about it yet 🙂

  2. I guess you wanted to say “write” instead of “right” when you mentioned – ‘..I like to right comments..’?A unique topic – reminds me that I have not picked up a pencil in years! And yes, I did love to write on the back page too.Did you ever get caught with something embarrassing scribbled across your notebook?

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