Adventures of miss little Gini Part 1

If I don’t make it big enough in the engineering profession, I can still be rich. Two options: 1. Either get my auto biography published in a book OR 2. Sell it to a filmmaker. Seriously! With the number of adventurous happening in my life, I am sure it would sell! And don’t be surprised if you find yourself sitting in your child’s bedroom at night reading him/her ‘Adventures of miss little gini’.

Let me quote an example. Let’s not go too far, and relive a recent weekend in my life.

Remember my last blog? Well if you don’t go back and read it…

Anyways, so why I mentioned it is because it would tell you how much I hate waking up early everyday for work. To leave at seven, I have to wake up latest by five thirty. Why? Cz I am a girl. Well that’s not important. But yeah Friday morning, I think I was already in my weekly T.G.I.F mood. I opened my eyes, and WOW the clock shows seven. ‘No way’ I said. Now I had exactly 7-8 minutes to get ready. Jumped out of bed, grabbed the first thing that came to my hand and rushed to work.

The day was okay, I don’t want to count the running around at work that day, cz it definitely isn’t as big as the other stuff that was coming to me as a surprise. I got back home at forty minutes past four that evening and I had to catch a flight to Philadelphia at 6.15 pm. Yes, the very same day. And halleluiah! I had not packed yet. I had luckily made arrangements to get to the airport, and the cab driver said he would pick me up at five. But somehow, I managed to pack, change, and rush to the ATM to get some cash to pay the driver. And I was at the hotel door at sharp five; waiting for him to come and pick me up. I look at my watch, and CRAP!! It’s 5.25 and he wasn’t there.

Any normal human being (especially if it’s a girl) would freak out and start to panic! But nope! This isn’t the first time I am in such a situation. I was worried definitely, but was trying to figure out what to do. People had just gotten back from work so no one was answering my calls, and the cab driver decided to ignore my calls too. God bless Patrick! He showed up as my savior; A ray of hope in the dark stormy moment. And he agreed to drop me off to the airport. And we started walking towards his car, while I explained how the cab guy ditched me. And while getting into the car, he asked, “So how do we get to the airport?” Holy shit!! “I don’t know” I said. And at 5.40 we were still at the hotel, trying to figure out how to get to the airport. Somehow I managed to reach ‘just in time’. Obviously I was the last one to board the plane that evening. But who cares, as long as they let me in, all is well.
Relaxed, and pacified, I sat in the plane, and before I knew I was in Chicago. Yay!! No wait; too early to be happy sweetie… the next flight is two hours late. Never mind. After all the rush, I didn’t mind kicking it at the airport.

I decided to call my friends and catch up with them. Yeah right, at the end of two hours my phone battery started to die out. “It’s okay, I can talk. Will charge it when I get to phily… so what were we talking about…”

Two hours over and I reach Philadelphia at 1.30 am.

To be continued…

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