Support a cause!

It’s all about me, my family and my friends. My world is limited to my people. That’s how the world thinks; If not all, most of us. We don’t care about what goes on outside of it. Cancer, asthma, heart attacks, deaths, violence, injuries! We don’t think about it, until someone from our personal world is affected by it.

How many of us have ignored the fliers publicizing a cause-supporting event? Walk for breast cancer, run for healthy hearts, bake-sale for the orphans, donate for hurricane sufferers, fund raisers for soldiers and many more like that. I know I have, and I know many of you have. Have we ever thought what difference can that make? It can save many lives and lives of the families of the ones suffering. All it takes is a little thoughtfulness, a little time, and just a little effort.

Stop it, before it affects your own world. It’s never too late. Be a part of the campaign. Choose your cause, and support it!

Life is not just about having fun, there is more to it. Add meaning to your life. Please… Support a cause. Any cause. And make a difference!

3 thoughts on “Support a cause!

  1. @ mr.illusive: go right on!@ ujjwal: i think pleasures are to get indulged into. and i won’t stop it 😛 but while doing it, if i can help someone… nothing better!

  2. Is this the guilt talking of someone who over indulges in the pleasures of this world? That by talking about joining a cause, you lessen the burden on your soul?

  3. Very true, we need to step outside our own cocoon of comfort and ignorance. Not be sympathetic but Empathetic about these things. The company where I work for conducts lot of events such as participating in fund raisers for Easter Seals ( , Southside Mission Thanksgiving Meal delivery Program. Lot of our colleagues in the past have taken part in Marathon events for raising fund and creating awareness for societies such as Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. There are things that are being done, but as rightly said by you, we need to always think about doing more. If you are interested I will be more than happy to forward some of this information to you and you can very much be a part of these activities.

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