Adventures of miss little Gini Part 4

Yes, this is a sequel. But this one is a different trip. I was in Boston for holiday this year. I loved the city. It’s young, beautiful and has a very traditional feel to it. It’s a big city for sure, but still very chilled out and pretty clean. My stay there was interesting and it is definitely on my to-return list. But my journey to and from Boston was equally interesting.

I was supposed to fly out of Peoria at 6 am. Which meant that I should have left home by five. A friend came to drop me to the airport and called me from the parking lot to tell me that he arrived ten minutes before five. I opened my sleepy eyes and said hello; and looked at the time and SNAP!! I was supposed to wake up and four and pack for the trip.

“Do you want to come upstairs and wait, I might take around 15 minutes.”

Phew! Rush! Brush! Pack! Change! Off to airport!

“I am so sorry. I don’t know how I over slept” (Such a lie. As if this happened first time)
“That’s alright”
“Yeah, it’s too early for me to be up”
“Looks like you are not a morning person”
“Yeah I am surely not”
Music in the car
“Crap!! I forgot my Passport”
“What? Really? It’s too late to go back to get it now”
“Never mind, I have my state ID. Just that I will have a holiday where I won’t be allowed in any clubs or bars, but that’s fine. I should have remembered before leaving home. I do this every time. Always forget something or the other. Last time it was toothbrush, so I managed but this time it’s my passport, I can’t buy a new passport from Boston. But it’s my fault. … “ (Too much whining)

“Okay okay I will drop you off and get your passport from your room. Just hope that I get back in time” “Really? I don’t want to bother you (you are so good but it will surely be great if you get it for me thanks) Thanks” Ticket Counter – Security check – Board plane “Ma’am, some one left this for you” “Thanks” (OMG finally I have it. My passport! Oh my passport)

Off to Boston. Vacation. Fun times. Wonderful!!


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