Please understand… For heaven’s sake!

How many times have I heard this? “Sowm, you are so complicated”. Huh? Which girl isn’t? You want a girl but you want her not to be complicated, not to have her issues, not to be hard to handle at times… good luck with that! You are not gonna find any such girl. And if you get lucky enough to find one, trust me she won’t be fun. And honestly, I think I am not THAT difficult to be handled after all. I am vocal, straight forward and clear about things. I mean understanding is a different issue altogether. If the guy knows how to handle the girl, he will be fine…

So all you losers who have been struggling to find a way to handle a girl, here’s some useful info for you…

  • Girls are complicated. Accept it. They will always be. They will cry when they are happy and they will cry when they are sad. But you will know the difference.
  • Girls are not THAT complicated. Don’t try to read any signs. They are pretty straight forward these days; they will tell you what they want. (It’s not a Shah Rukh Khan movie where ‘larki ki na me haan chhupa hota hai’)
  • PMS/Mood swings – They can be real bitches during this time. Just tell them what they want to hear. Don’t argue and make them feel everything is normal. They just want to be pampered.
  • Girls want to feel special. Romance, surprises and candle lit dinners are not gay! We still like it…
  • Don’t overdo it. Way too romantic all the time = BORE. We want guys to be naughty, playful and flirtatious at times. A good sense of humor and a smart mind is a plus… too much lovey-dovey doesn’t work all the time. Girls like to have fun too.
  • If she hangs up on you once… she expects you to call her back. If she hangs up on you twice… text her!
  • We respect honesty – don’t lie! (This one is a little tricky) If the girl tells you she is gaining weight and needs to exercise, don’t just fake that you think she looks perfect. She knows she doesn’t. You are in a spot here… handle it diplomatically… just say ‘I don’t think so, but I guess I will have to hit the gym too to keep up with you. You will be in perfect shape and all hot after working out’ there are some questions you can’t answer with a plain ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
  • Make her feel special – not just by words, but also actions. Every girl deserves it. Remember all those times when you vented your frustrations at her? Yelled at her for no reason – When she took care of you – Motivated you to do your best – Strengthened you when you were weak – Loved you selflessly
  • Return the favor: as simple as it is… for everything she has done for you, she expects only one thing from you – be there for her. Not just physically, but also emotionally.
  • Don’t be an asshole. Politeness can still win hearts… be a gentleman to her!
  • Be that support system she is looking for – easiest way to lose your girl is to leave her alone when she needs you. Trust me you will lose her in no time! Cz she is most likely to find someone who will be there at the right spot at the right time. And it’s very easy to steal a girl when she is vulnerable.
  • Protect her, but don’t make her feel she can’t handle herself. That’s a no-no. Never tell a girl she can’t. (and you know she is right)
  • Give her 100% attention. Listen to her when she talks to you. Give inputs. She will appreciate that.
  • Don’t judge her all the time. If she likes you and is comfortable with you. She will say meaningless little things every now and then. Don’t bother. Just let her be, she is just trying to be cute. Smile and say you love her. You will get more than what you expect from her.
  • Girls enjoy conversations. Talk to her. Trust me she will fall for you all over again after a meaningful conversation.

These are some things I can think of at the moment. Don’t try to study a girl’s psychology. You know you can’t understand it. Don’t even try. Just take it easy and you will see how easy it is to handle your babe. And if you take care of her, she will take care of you. You keep her happy and you know she will not leave you 🙂

P.S. I am sure I missed out some points. So folks, if you think there is something interesting I should include… inputs welcome 🙂

9 thoughts on “Please understand… For heaven’s sake!

  1. Mr. Illusive, I really appreciate taking your time out to read and leave a ‘guy’s point of view’In response to your comment let me add a little bit here…1.Being complicated is THE problem… cz in the beginning the guys drool over girls for this personality trait. cz it always keeps them on their toes, and it makes the chase all the more fun and interesting. But after they get the girl, it becomes a problem for them cz it’s no more a chase. You have no idea how much girls try to avoid little things. Girls are forgiving by nature, their main objective it to keep peace! So don’t even talk about girls-should-try-to-forgive-guys. Cz they do… more often than guys see it!2. I never said guys disagree with all this, but there are guys who find it cheesy and stupid. And honestly, it should happen more often that it’s done!3. Exactly my point! How many people today are ACTUALLY in love?4. People are more judgmental in the beginning cz that’s when they are deciding how far they have to take this relationship. After you mature into the relationship, you become more comfortable with each other. And that’t the situation I was talking about here… Every relationship is a give and take relationship! It is a series or compromises and understanding. But it still matters “how much?”. How much one has to change, how much one has to compromise, how much one has to give and how much one should expect…5. Trust me guys do! Knowingly or unknowingly, but they do!And I agree guys need to take a stand sometimes and take the responsibility of mending the situation. I would appreciate that quality in guys.6. Oh yeah right talk about having a rough day at work. Mister… girls do take into consideration all these factors. Ranting is absolutely okay… by the girl or by the guy… only thing that matters is the timing.I also would like to add something here…Not all the points mentioned above apply to all the guys. But I am sure, at some point, some points from above apply to all the guys in some forms..Also, Guys!! Look at your moms… Whatever they did to keep peace at home/family, trust me your girl is putting in the same effort. (This is a true love condition mostly, if she is playing you, then it’s a different story all together :P)

  2. The effluence of words in this Blog deserves an applaud. I bet you would do well to write in a Woman’s magazine. 🙂I wonder WHO has inspired you to write this one? LOL!!

  3. …Ok…after reading the blog and seeing all the Ladies jumping with accolades. I will dare to leave my honest opinion. I read all that you have said in your post, I agree with your viewpoint, but doing justice to this thread I’m compelled (BEING A GUY) to leave some pointers here on what a guy would expect from his girl/wife..1) Being complicated is not “THE” problem – that’s actually what makes a guy drool after a girl’s nature and the love comes out of the inquisitiveness. PMS, we all know that. I think all men have been there and come back bruised and beaten. But dear girls, occasionally y’all can give up being the B!+cH$. Try to give him a little break, though u don’t feel like picking up his call, try forgiving him for a change, that would make him realize his mistake faster, and would make him realize, so that he doesn’t repeats it again 2) I disagree that a guy refuses a girl to take her out to a Candle lit dinner or for a long drive, or even though he is into Metallica and Iron Maiden, he will sing aloud with you without thinking twice “Careless Whisper-By George Michael”. It doesn’t make any guy look or feel gay, if they love you no one cares on any outsider’s opinion, they only care what make you feel happy. But if it does, then your with a wrong dude (sorry)3) Guys who are in true love are all supportive and protect you all the time – and they might do it to such an extent that “you” would tell them to give you some space – what then, would you now start blaming him for that?? All guys do return the favor, but again give them a moment, wait and watch. If he values you and your love, you will get in return more than you can ever give back – but patience is the key sometimes4) If you are just starting in a relationship everything is rosy, but once you both start to mature into it, the element of judgment comes in from both sides. You would start noticing things more often now than before that ticks you off. That’s what is called as growing in a relationship, which leads to the element of understanding and compromises – some of the corner stones of any relationship. Judging a person, in a respectable way can lead to very constructive personality changes on par with the relationship. But be it guys or girls, the pointers should come as an honest opinion not via taunts and sarcasms5) No guy (again – Only for guys in true love) would leave a girl by herself in the moments of sadness, if there are things that have gone wrong between the two, in my opinion the Guy should come forth and try to mend it – its not that he is being a gentlemen doing that. But, its his responsibility to take care of the girl, who has trusted him and has decided to spend the rest of her life with him (or atleast planning to do so)6) Last but not the least – just like every girl is a B*, every guy is an A-Hole, only thing that is different is the magnitude. If your guy behaves like that next time, wait and watch how long he blabbers, may be he had a rough day at work/school etc. that you don’t know off. Girls, there is this famous saying for all Men, “The only difference between a men and boys are the price of their toys”. Bascially a guy doesn’t grow up, they just get old. When they are kid, they act up to their Moms expects them to do nothing but listen to their tantrums until they have vented that out. Same is the case with you all, they come back home and the first thing they do it go the one who they feel the closest (YOU!!!) and start to vent everything out to them – they are actually opening their heart out – so please listen to them. In no time they will realize screaming or yelling at you is not the solution, actually they should not be even talking to you like that – But as I have said before Patience is the virtue of the wise

  4. gurl…i love this one….simply amazing…specially (It’s not a Shah Rukh Khan movie where ‘larki ki na me haan chhupa hota hai’)….hehehhe…..

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