Water, Speed and Sun (and some Bollywood too)

This past weekend, I went to the Mission beach with a group of friends. I have to admit, that I have never regretted more that I never learned how to swim. The ocean is so blue, so beautiful that you just can’t resist the temptation of jumping into it right away.

We reached there around noon-ish. I was starving. I don’t know how and why I am always hungry 😦 and I know my friends hate me for that. So we found this café by the Hyatt hotel and went there to get something to eat. That place stunk of seafood! So much so that I didn’t even feel like eating any sea food from there. It was a very small café though. And i don’t know why, but except us, all the other customers were old. I ordered a chicken sandwich and my friend ordered fish and chips. Sandwich was fine, but fish and chips- three little pieces of fish and fries! Totally over priced! Not recommended!

Mission Bay boat rental port

Finally we rented a motor boat and got into the bay! Best beach experience so far, I must say… perfectly blue water, clear sunny blue skies, speed, and sun! What more can you ask for? It was fun lying on the boat and just enjoying the sun and wind and getting a free tan 🙂 I even got a chance to steer the boat. Exciting! It felt like playing a video game to me. Accelerate. Steer. Steer. Accelerate. You can’t do that on a road. But just a piece of info: the speeds in that area, are not much. Probably cz its really crowded. Out boat was surrounded by jet skiers, sail boaters, and kayakers. And not to forget the little kids on the tube tied at the back of the boats (dangerous! But of course fun).

Peek of Sea World

It was beautiful to be in the water, surrounded by a little hilly city. I could see the houses around. The roads. And people fishing at the shore. Oh by the way, did I tell you we got kinda lost for a bit. Hehe. Not really though. We just took the boat in a wrong direction and ended up going too close to the shore that the motor got stuck. The guys had to jump into the water and push the boat away from the sand. Fun fun! I felt like I was on an ocean adventure (well not really though).

So we returned the boat 20 or so minutes later than the scheduled time. Good thing we were not charged anything extra. So yeah if you ever go there I recommend renting the boat from Seaforth. And their bathrooms are very clean as well 😛

All of us were tired and hungry! So we ended up going to a Thai restaurant – Spices Thai Cafe (at Mira Mesa). My rating = A. I can be very picky about food. But to my surprise, the food was really good there. What to try? Everything on the menu is good. But I liked – Panang curry with white rice – Spicy Noodles – Thai Iced Tea. Make sure you adjust the spice level while placing your order. Also, if you plan on going for lunch, either make a reservation or be prepared to wait for an hour!

No! That did not conclude my fun Saturday. I went home and took a much needed nap. Evening plans included Pre-partying at home and Bollywood party at Canes Bar & Grill. Yeah, I was really excited about this one cz this was my first desi-party in this country. Only in San Diego will you find such fun international parties (well, that’s an exaggeration now).

Desi crowd, desi music, desi night… We had fun!!

TIP: Don’t forget to pack sun-screen, bathing suit and a bandana for the day and stilettos for the night!

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