Not a rant!

I am posting after a break and y’all know the reason – being busy hunting for a job, studying, traveling, maintaining two blogs… Basically just trying to survive each day. But I will NOT rant about it. And I will also NOT rant about my laptop acting funky. I will just mention it. Simply, plainly, casually just mention it…

So my dear laptop (read it with great sarcasm) decided to throw a message on me every time I try to open any program. Be it a word document, or a website, or a picture, or anything else. To get that most annoying “Disk out of memory” message, all I have to do is to click on something. It won’t let me log into any websites either. What I don’t understand is that what on earth happened to ALL the disk space? No, I am pretty sure I didn’t use all of it. Has someone secretly been storing their stuff on my disk? Grrrr…

What’s even more annoying is that I feel paralysed without this piece of technology. I have mixed feelings about technology. Well yeah, I am an engineer, but can we not ignore it for a moment? Good. So as I was saying… I have this mixed feeling about technology. As much as I love it and am fascinated by the new gadgets that keep adding to the already flooded electronic market, it makes me think about the days without the blackberries and the laptops. I totally appreciate the development and I promise that I am totally not from the old school. But I do miss the days when a computer was just a computer, and a phone was just a phone. And we had our personal lives, not dependent on or addicted to these super products encapsulated in tiny bodies.

I miss the days when we used to go out and spend more time with our friends and not just poke them on facebook while doing million other things side by side. (Puhleez… don’t bring out the point of distance, time etc here). Those old days when the kids used to go out more often and not just play video games at home. When there were no facebook/orkut stalkers. When we actually used to call our parents more often and not just send them an e-mail. When we used to send real flowers and greeting cards on birthdays instead of the e-cards. For some reason we were not this busy. People who came up with the electronics claimed to ease our lives by doing everything for us, faster than us.. But don’t you think we have become busier than ever before?

Eeeeesssshhhhhhh… So I just read above, and yes I agree I sounded like a grandma 😛 But you can totally blame it on my laptop that is acting up on me. I get SICK keeping it under control… or at least trying to keep it under control.

P.S. I stick to the grandma statements I made. But I also admit that I am addicted to technology and I can NOT imagine a life without my electronic friends – laptop, ipod and their other cousins.

One thought on “Not a rant!

  1. There are some people who still believe in sending real cards and flowers and not bring technology in it. But sadly it is diminishing.. Some kids still rush to play on the ground after school is over but the distraction from videogames is definitely harming their childhood. I see no reason why a school boy/girl should carry a cell phone to school, why they should be hooked on to orkut/FB at such a young age, in some cases I feel its just better to be 'old school'!

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