I had to tell this to you…

Without giving you much background, let me just start with the highlight of the day –

I had to attend an online training today, for which I had to call into a web meeting. Since it was going to be a looooong one, I decided not to use my cell phone. Instead I called in via VOIP (Skype) – $2.95/month for unlimited calls within the USA. So everything was set, and just before the meeting started, I found out that there was a technical issue on my end… a VERY, trust me VERY, weird issue.

When I called in I sounded like a man! No kidding! That freaked the presenter out and he had to mute the phone. LOL

Let me know if any of you knows how to fix this problem… please 🙂

3 thoughts on “I had to tell this to you…

  1. after a hard drink, you prayed hard last night…so that you can skip or bunk this training stuff and go back to ur dream world.. 😛

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