How to strike the work-life balance?

All of us have been struggling to strike a balance between our work life and personal life. And obviously it’s not easy, else it wouldn’t have kept the entire world on toes, trying to hit it. Balance can never exist as a fixed point in life. It is a state of juggling efficiently between the several important things in life, and making time for all. This dynamic state of being, makes it difficult to achieve.
The truth is – there is no perfect balance. Like what former General Electrical chief executive, Jack Welch, once said “There’s no such thing as work-life balance. There are work-life choices, and you make them, and they have consequences.” So how do we make the right choices?1. Set your priorities right – We must figure out what really matters to us in life. What is that one thing that our life should be focused on. And what comes next and so on… It could be family, career, health, hobby or anything else.

2. De-cluttering your day –
Some unnecessary activities take up a major chunk of our lives without us realizing it. And eventually making us less productive during the day. For example, checking and replying to e-mails instantly. It interrupts the on-going process, and we spend time arranging the mailbox folders every time we get an e-mail. And we end up spending five minutes every now and then. The idea is not to procrastinate, but to set aside 15 minutes or so every two hours to check, reply, arrange the e-mails. Watching T.V., too frequent coffee breaks, long lunch breaks come next in the list.

3. Never bring work home – We often tend to bring work home, or spend extra hours at work when it’s not required and this significantly reduces the personal time. Bringing work home is like invading your own private time. Make sure you finish your work before you come back. Even if it means putting in that extra hour in the evening or cutting your lunch hour short.

4. Don’t over-commit – Especially Indians tend to promise delivering more than what they can. And then we tend to compromise on our personal time. This eventually burns us out. Don’t be hesitant in being realistic and setting realistic goals. If you do end up over-committing, ask for help!

5. Force vacations on yourself – Take some time off to avoid the burn out. Talk to your boss, and book tickets in advance. Vacation is important (and it has been medically proved). This will give you more time for family and will rejuvenate your energies so that you can perform better at work once you come back.

On another note, don’t bring your personal life at work. Don’t forget you are being paid for the work you do. Try to be as effective as you can be during your work hours, so that you don;t have to put in extra time later.

With these little changes in your lifestyle you can also achieve a state of effectiveness and harmony in your life. Let’s make living simple 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to strike the work-life balance?

  1. This from the queen of the sametime emoticon… 😛

    They actually use instant messenger for work purposes where I work now…I was so surprised!

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