Idea ;)

I should dedicate one entire post to tell you how bad and incomplete I feel about not being able to post on my blog as regularly as I used to. My apologies!

I wish I could at least come up with a nice excuse. Like ‘I was in Hawaii on a vacation’ or ‘I was busy counting the money I won in lottery last month’ cz both of these excuses sounds better than telling you the truth – I don’t have internet connection at home! Sigh!


So I recently came up with an idea. Brilliant of course. Since now I have a real job, I should write at least one post per week about it. I was thinking about – every friday (Why? Cz I already thought about a name for it. “TGIF!”). But then I realized I am never home on Fridays.

Weekends are not an option.

Mondays? Call it ‘Monday Blues’ (Note: But I usually donot have any Monday blues). Or Wednesdays? ‘Mid week Crisis’? I am a little stuck here… HELP! Shoot me some suggestions and we will get going from there 🙂

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