Is it winter yet?

If you are still wondering, answer the following questions:

1. You wore a hoodie/coat or boots today

2. You are afraid the fall colors will vanish soon

3. You are looking for a halloween costume

4. You wake up before the sun rises and still don’t find time to do your hair before heading out to work

5. The hallway at work smells of holiday food

6. You find people serving cider at parties and you think what happened to beer?

7. While you read this, you have a heater on, under my desk (or somewhere else)

8. You have to put your jacket on, before you step out of the building (cz you don’t want to die – of cold of course)

9. Your facebook is being spammed by dinner/party invitations

10. When you go out for a walk at night, you smell burnt wood of fireplaces

If you answered ‘Yes’ for any eight out of above ten questions, CONGRATULATIONS! you have just stepped into a new season – WINTER!


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