Eleven reasons why I should buy a TV

Talk about people who don’t learn from their mistakes! Yes, I am one of them 😦 I again lost a post just cz I compiled it in notepad++ and rebooted the machine without saving the document.

So I was writing about why I decided on buying a TV (yes, finally!). Few reasons that motivated me and helped me make this decision were:I don’t have room mates

1. I don’t have room mates

2. I don’t have a boy friend

3. I have friends but they are all so talented that they have jobs

4. I love watching movies – and I already have a blockbuster membership

5. I need to catch up with the rest of the world – day to day update you see

6. I want to be left alone at times – so that I can just lie on my couch and watch useless reality shows

7. I want to have girls’ nights often – fruity cocktails, giggles, chick flicks and my girls

8. I want to be able to host drinking video game parties at home

9. There is a huge corner in my living room which is empty and needs something to be put there (yes this argument qualifies cz a TV CAN be put there)

10. A TV will keep me home (hopefully?)

11. I want a TV – Wait, we don’t need any more arguments! This discussion is over!

Well, so we just decided that I NEED a TV. Now the question is what kind. I have everything figured out except, I have a question – is it worth spending extra 200 bucks to get a 120Hz instead of 60Hz? How big is the difference? Suggestions?

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