My fear of non human living entities is famous across the world. All my friends and family know how uncomfortable I am around animals and birds. But this has never stopped my parents from having pets. When I was a baby, they had two dogs – Tommy (German Shepherd) and Puffy (Pomeranian). But they made sure that they stay away from me – thank you mom and dad!
And then when we moved to our current house, they were given away to friends.

Then we had some fish, which really didn’t bother me, in fact I liked it. Cz it sits in the corner looking pretty and doesn’t come in your way or ask for attention. Just some food and some cleaning and you are good to go. But we got rid of those and got a tortoise. Yes a tortoise. I cant remember what did we name him, but he was okay too. He would just stay in the tank and not walk around in the house or bother anyone.

Then for a long time, we didn’t have any pets. And I got more comfortable with life cz now I was able to walk around in the house without fear of some random animal popping out of nowhere. And I loved it.

But one day, soon after I moved to US of A, I get a call from my sister telling me that they had found my replacement – a dog. What. A dog. Nice. This didn’t bother me too much because I was away from home and I had nothing to do with the dag or him being around me. I didn’t care too much, until now. I have to visit home after sooo long and I will have to deal with this situation as soon as I step in. Sigh.

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