Break free!

Most of our major decisions in life are influenced by one factor – fear. And most of us would not agree at first. But think about it:

The most common rant I hear is about work — You have a sucky job that you hate and it’s making your life miserable. Every morning you wake up and dread the fact that in a few hours you will be at a battle field, your workplace. But you don’t do anything about it. You don’t quit. You don’t talk to your boss. All you do is come home and rant about how your life has become so miserable.

Your reasons – ‘oh the economy is so bad’, ‘there are no jobs out there’, ‘ they are not hiring internationals’ etc etc. But be honest for a moment, and ask yourself – ‘what am i scared of’ and ‘what would I do if I was not scared’. Suddenly you have a million options. Things you like and things that you love. World is suddenly a better place!

While growing up, we have fancy goals. Some want to be astronauts, others want to start the next Google. Or actress, dancers, artists, pilots and what not. Why? Cz we are fearless. Simple cz we dont know the consequences or may be we don’t care about them. A child would never learn to walk, if he was scared of falling. You and I will never enjoy the rain, if we were scared of getting wet. Humans would have not invented anything if they were scared of failing. How would life be if we all were scared? Not very pretty.

Next time you are at the edge, push yourself. Don’t be scared of falling off the cliff. And see where you land. You will be amazed!

Ask yourself ‘what would you do if you were not scared?’

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