The Daily Post Challenge!

Happy morning!

In order to be able to post more often, and to be able to overcome the writer’s block that I have been going through lately, I have come up with an idea. And just like all my other ideas, this seems to be great too hehe. I will call it ‘The Daily Post Challenge’.

Yes, this is inspired by the wordpress blog —  The Daily Post. The rules will be slightly different for me though:

1. I will post everyday for the month of November 2011 – About anything. I might even use the topic ideas from the daily post blog, who knows. Or if you want me to write about something, feel free to e-mail or comment below.

2. If I miss a day – I will make up for it the same week. Or you can decide the penalty for me 😛 Power to you!

3. If you want to join the challenge – Just let me know 🙂

Let the fun begin!


See you super soon!

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