So you think you are ready eh?

It’s almost 2012. And the world is going to end. At least that’s what they say. I know ‘atleast’ is not really a word and is grammatically incorrect. But how would that matter when we all are dead in a few months.

This made me think… what is the most probable occurrence, that big, that it ends the whole world? Doh! Obviously a zombie apocalypse. So may be these survival tips will come in handy —

  1. Shop for the right stuff — There are people with foresight. And because of them, we benefit. Few such people are already working on essentials for zombie apocalypse. All you have to do is make the right purchases, like these.
  2. Get a GHB.
  3. You will need weapons. Obviously. Guns, pistols, flame-throwers etc.
  4. For longer and safer survival, you will also need weapons that don’t run out of ammunitions. Like knives, swords, chains etc.
  5. A zombie Halloween costume. What better way to escape being attacked by a zombie than just be one of them. Ah well, at least look like one. Zombies don’t kill fellow zombies. Bro code!
  6. Establish house rules, do not step out of the safety zone and invest in a noisemaker.
  7. Learn Morse code and/or hand signaling for communication without making noise.
  8. If you’ve seen any zombie movies, you know the last and the most important one – CARDIO, CARDIO and CARDIO.

There is pretty intense research going on for zombie apocalypse survival as I write this for you. To name one, my coworker is working on design of perpetual zombie killing machine. I will post more details on pricing and usage of this machine as the project gets closer to completion. TYC!

Note: if you have been told that you do not have a brain, or you are dumb, be happy! Zombies eat brains.


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